Summary: Contrada is the UK's most innovative travel services. The challenge for us was to deliver a website that reflected their market credibility and experience.


Contrada originally wanted us to redo their existing site. The company had been using the then old design for a while and thought it was time for something new.

It was up to us to ensure that the new design was 100% professional, unique and made it very easy for people to understand what Contrada could do for them. Plus the website had to be mobile friendly with an easy to use backend.

Our Approach

We first outlined how Contrada stood out from all the others in the UK. It was important for us to ensure that the design we came up with reflected this uniqueness. If anything, a business that instantly stands out as offering something that others don't or is rare happens to be a great way to attract lots of new business which was one of Contrada's goals.

After the initial draft the management at Contrada decided that they wanted something bold and corporate. They wanted the design to be as beautiful as the destinations that people had chosen to travel to. So, we tweaked the design slightly, just enough so a large slider could be accommodated along with enough room for information about the services offered. The slider can be easily updated by anyone with computer knowledge which would make it easy for Contrada to update the website.

Backend for the website

The backend for Contrada had to be very easy to use. This was something that was originally relayed to us many times. However, ensuring that the backend is very easy requires heavy customization. Plus, the backend shouldn't weigh down the website to the extent that it does not load fast enough in major browsers. This required that we constantly tweak the website and the backend until we ended up with the perfect mix of speed, reliability and an easy to use backend.

Client Feedback

Many months passed and we never head back from Then one of our customer service people contacted the company to find out how the website was being received. The VP for Contrada later sent us an email saying "The website is exactly what we needed. It's modern and it is doing very well so far. I'm recommending you to a couple of my associates who will be in contact with you soon."



What people say?