Drive To Pass

Summary: Drive To Pass is a driving school which provides students with both theory and practice. This was to be a standard website but one which had to stand out from all the rest.


Drive To Pass urgently needed a logo and website design. While the driving school had been operational for a while it still needed a professional logo and website to represent the institution online.

However, in addition the company specified that they do not just want a regular run of the mill type website but rather something which would stand out and provide students with all the information they needed. As an added plus the website also had to be mobile friendly.

Our Approach

We initially worked on designing the logo for this client. This is because getting the logo right and finalized is the first step towards understanding what design preferences the company has. After a few days of work we opted to just send logos which were simple yet, unique and easy to reproduce for the company. After all Drive To Pass may want to use the logo across other forms of publicity like their instructional vehicles, letterheads, business cards and for print ads etc.

The website was designed along a similar design pattern as the logo. We kept the design very simple and to the point. This meant that all the information which was deemed relevant to a visitor was easily accessible. Plus the other benefit of keeping a design simple is that the pages load very quickly and it's easier to ensure that the site is mobile friendly. Now because the client didn't want a backend we also opted to transfer all the texts from their existing site onto the new one which then went live soon after.

Feedback from the client

This was by no means a unique project. However, the client was very responsive. After just a week of the site going live Drive To Pass' owner got in touch with us and had this to say: "Great job guys, the new site is something I'd always imagined it to be and it's all that I wanted it to be. I will recommend you to a few of my friends soon who will be in contact."



What people say?