Fast Formation

Summary: Fast Formation provides business formation services in the UK. The goal for their website was to deliver a fully functional site which made it very easy for visitors to sign up and get their businesses registered.


Fast Formation has been providing business formation services for a very long time. Their initial website was barely serving the purpose and so they needed a new one.

The new website according to the business development manager for the company had to be radically different. The website needed to have a search box which would search a database for existing business names, plus it had to incorporate a sign up form so that people could easily sign up and pay to get their business registered. Having handled many e-commerce websites in the past we applied what we learnt there to designing Fast Formation's website.

Our approach

We started with designing a professional layout for the website. We envisioned a website that started with people searching for a business name and if it was available being able to register it right away. Since, we have designed numerous websites for hosting companies in the past we used this experience to develop a backend which would help speed up the search function. Plus a built in form would make it easier for people to just fill in the blanks and make payment. All of this can be done directly via the homepage.

However, we soon ran into a hurdle with the speed of the website. Offering so many functions on the home page can make it hard to load especially across mobile browsers. This required that we further optimize the code with mobile devices in mind. We also had to make sure that the website looked slightly different when accessed by mobile devices, as this was the only way to retain its look and feel. Fortunately, it didn't take us long to get the website up and running across a multitude of platforms.

We also ensured that the code was 100% search engine optimized. The backend we used tied directly into the website so further optimizing it for specific keywords that the business was targeting would be easier.

Client Feedback

Days after the website went live a representative for Fast Formation got in touch with us saying "The website is currently receiving a fair number of hits even though it's not fully search optimized. This goes to show just how well it has been designed."



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