Fast (Complete Hosting Solutions Provider)

Summary: Fast was a new business and their biggest desire was to have an attractive, well laid out and professional website to attract signups. We designed their logo, website and even integrated a payment gateway.


Fast was a new business and was looking for professional web and logo design. The company specialized in selling hosting which is already a very competitive industry.

So, the idea was to come up with a web and logo design that stood out from all the rest. Plus, it had to be mobile friendly as well as being easy to use across all platforms.

Our approach

We started with designing Fast's logo. After much research we determined that the logo had to reflect the fact that it was a hosting provider without even reading the tagline. Plus, our client wanted the logo to be friendly yet industrial in look and feel. The end result was a very simple, elegant and industrial looking logo which quickly conveys what the business does. This is why it's also being used by the company on business cards and letter heads.

The challenge for the web design was to retain the look and feel of the logo while making it easy to understand. The objective of the website was to engage people who would go on to buy hosting. This is easier said than done. We opted for a procedural approach for this specific client. We kept the design simple and yet ensured that all the important points which would lead to a sale were on the initial fold. Since most people never scroll down to learn more about the business we had to ensure that all the USPs were clearly outlined and that a 'buy now' button made it very easy for visitors to buy the hosting they needed. This approach sat very well with our client. So, before we knew it, the website went live and with excellent results reported later.

Feedback from our client

After a month of the site going live a representative from Fast was contacted for comment about how things were going. The representative replied back saying that "The website design is truly awesome. We have made over five dozen sales since the site has gone live. Interestingly many of our clients have made purchases from their iPads and other mobile devices. This clearly shows that the mobile friendly design was an excellent decision on your part."



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