Summary: Mintax provides business services to an array of clients. So, the website had to reflect the business's multifaceted services.


Mintax approached a year or so back to get a website designed. The company wasn't very happy with the existing website.

They (Mintrax) wanted a website which laid out all the business services provided in an easy to understand manner. The services needed to be briefly but forcefully mentioned on the 'home page' of the site. Plus the design had to be simple, quick to load and be easily accessible across multiple platforms.

Our approach

One of the biggest challenges with Mintax was actually trying to figure out what service meant most to the business. There were a number of services offered and every one of those were equally important. So, we opted for a diversified 'home page' that carried a mention of all the services. We made sure that no particular service stood out from the others. This was easier said than done and required a number of design revisions.

The other challenge was that the website had to sell the service. The company wanted to sell its services online and so there had to be a way for people to easily click and buy the service right away or find out more about a particular service. There were a number of ideas on the table but the one we ended up with offered the best of both worlds i.e. it initially offered just enough information to make a sale and secondly without it taking too much space.

Selection of graphics

We also had to choose the right graphics for the site. Mintax was very specific that the graphics had to be bold but professional. Despite being professional graphic designers it took us some time to come up with a design that everyone could agree was the best. Interestingly, the logo for Mintax was not a very big challenge and only after the first round of revisions Mintax was more than happy with it.

Client Feedback

After around three months of Mintax going live we called up the company to ask for feedback. Interestingly, the lines were busy at first. However, a representative from the company later contacted us via email saying "We are doing roaring business. The home page is the best we've seen and we are converting like never before. Thanks for all the work you people put in to make this is success."



What people say?