Roaming IT

Summary: The challenge was designing a website for a company often referred to as a veteran IT services provider in the UK. We put our best people on the job to research and design a website to deliver optimal results.


Roaming IT had the same website layout and design for a very long time. Though the company had grown incredibly in just a couple of years the website's design failed to deliver that message.

So, one of the first goals for our designers was to convey the message of Roaming IT being a big and professional business. We also needed to clearly convey all the services that the company provided so that people could go directly to the service they wanted. Plus, the website had to be mobile friendly across all known platforms.

Our Approach

It was very clear from the beginning that this was no regular website design project. Roaming IT's management was very helpful but we needed to think out of the box for this one. The first step we took was to discuss a couple of ideas that we had for the service. We had a couple of briefs that we showed just to get a feel for that the client wanted. Once we understood what types of design they would consider we needed to start delivering the first proof of our design right away.

We decided on a design which was light, with few colours but one which would be easy to read on all platforms. There are a number of mobile devices that have high resolution displays which we needed to adequately cater to without ruining the experience for people on laptops and desktop computers. So, keeping the colour palette limited was the first step. We then shortlisted fonts that would render best on all types of screens. These fonts then had to be slightly edited to ensure that they fitted in well with the design.

Adding an organic touch

The final touch were pictures of the staff on the home page which we thought helped to convey that there were real people behind the business. Having real faces on the website also conveys confidence which makes it easier for visitors to pick up the phone and call the service or find out more via the website.

Client Feedback

Over a month after designing and the website going live we asked Roaming IT to give us some feedback. The representative for the company sent an email saying "We are very happy with the design. Its way better than what we had. Interestingly, it's not only helping us attract new clients in the UK but also from other countries...very well done!"



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