Royale Vecas

Summary: Royale Vecas benefits from a flexible, corporate style design. Our objective for Royal Vecas was to communicate the idea that it was a big business that catered to both private and corporate events.


When Royale Vecas first contacted us they wanted to update their existing design. However, we suggested that they overhaul the look and feel of their website so that it has a more corporate, yet still be warm professional feeling.

This would be right in line with the business they operate and so it may help to improve the impression the business makes on online visitors. The company's management agreed to a complete overhaul and we started with laying a foundation by understanding the service and its industry.

Our approach

The first step was to understand the industry. Royale Vecas caters to both private and corporate clients. The business specializes in a number of fields which is what made the project so challenging. We needed a website which would showcase all the previous work that the client had completed as well as make it evidently clear to everyone that the business catered to an array of clients. The other challenge was to determine exactly how much screen real estate needed to be decided to what angle of the business.

When it was all said and done we opted for a flexible design which bears all the hallmarks of a professional corporation but one which also works for regular people. The 'home page' was designed to carry both the company's portfolio as well as a description of what it did. The benefit of this approach was that people who visited the site from mobile platforms like iPhones, iPads, and other devices would find everything they needed to be converted to clients on the main page. This approach in our experience would reduce the 'bounce rate' as people who visit the site courtesy of search engines would instantly know if it were relevant.

Since, a backend was not required for the website we decided to make sure that the code was very light making it easy to load across even the slowest internet connections. Seeing that it's an international website being able to cope with varying internet speeds is very important.

Client Feedback

Royale Vecas got in touch with us within two weeks with this message "Very happy with the design, it works great and we are already seeing positive results. Will always recommend you."



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