Salong Safari

Summary: Salong Safari is one of the leading hairstylists in Sweden. The company recently contacted us for web design which had to be mobile friendly, show off what the specialist can accomplish and be easy to use.


Salong Safari's web design request was not unique in the sense that they wanted something modern and which could easily be accessed across all mobile devices and computers.

So, while we've undertaken and successfully completed many flexible design projects what was different about Salong Safari is that they wanted something which was bold and stood out. They were not concerned about the pages loading our SEO because the salon is already well established and most people will be accessing it from within Sweden. This obviously gave us a free reign over the type of design we thought would work best for the business.

Our Approach

We started with a sketch of how the design should look with positions for pictures and flash slides clearly marked out. The company has relayed to us that they prefer gold, white and blue as the three primary colours for their website. Since, it was going to be a mobile friendly website we decided to cross check the sketch across a number of mediums first in.JPEG format and then when that was finalized we did it in html too. However, one of the biggest challenges with the design was to display large photographs clearly across mobile devices. The pictures had to come across as clearly on an iPad as it would on a laptop. This required that we tweak the code to ensure that the pictures' quality was not compromised in any way.

We further optimized the pictures so that they would look better across high-resolution devices. Since, these are often devices which may make pictures look grainy. After lots of tweaking, we were happy with the design and sent it back to the client for feedback. Salong Safari responded by asking us to add more photographs and change the lettering to something that's easier on the eyes. So, we offered them a number of alternatives after which the one you see on their site was finalized.

Client's feedback

Even though the project was completed well before the estimated time, our clients responded very promptly commending us on a job well done. They also referred our services to a number of their associates.



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