Property Studio 8

Summary: An innovative business that provides students with coursework related services. Our goal was to design a search engine optimized site which was easily accessible across both mobile and desktop computers.

Introduction is part of a larger organization that provides students with coursework and other homework related services.

They already had a couple of websites and so were very specific about what they needed with the design. The marketing manager for Smartwriters4u, got in contact with us with a complete list of all the design features they would like the new site to have. The challenge was to go through the checklist and ensure that the resulting design included all the mentioned features.

Our Approach

In the past we have designed websites for online universities, tutoring professionals and even student counsellors. So, we used our experience of the industry to come up with a simple layout which would detail and clearly outline every service that Smartwriters4u offered. Our client specified that the home page was intended to be where most people landed and hence this is from where they wanted to make a sale. So, we had to make sure that the home page had enough important information to trigger a sale. We did this by using a classic landing page technique i.e. by putting all the main selling points of the packages offered on the main page, with a chat option. So, visitors do not need to scroll down to either buy or find out about the service.

Since, many visitors expected to the website are students there had to be information about who they were hiring. So, we decided to add a detailed "About Us" page complete with pictures and a description of the quality that the service provides. Plus the packages page had to be very specific and easy to understand whether it was accessed via a tablet computer or a regular laptop. This required extensive testing and coding to ensure that it was good enough for every platform.

Client Feedback

After a couple of months we asked our clients how they felt about the site and if it was brining in sales. The person in charge of communications responded saying "We are making lots of sales and the website was very easy for our SEO company to optimize because all the right code already existed. We highly appreciate all the hard work you've put in over the weeks to make this possible."



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