Soulful Beauty

Summary: Soulful Beauty is an experienced hair solutions provider. So, our goal with the website was to showcase that experience via a vivid collage of their portfolio.


Soulful Beauty is one of the most respected hair solutions provider. While the company has been around for some time they were worried that the current website didn't do its experience and portfolio justice.

Plus the website they had was not mobile friendly, so people found it hard to buy their accessories or find out more about their services. The goal according to Soulful Beauty's manager was to improve customer engagement and encourage online interaction.

Our approach

We started with determining what was most important to Soulful Beauty. As it turns out the business wanted to focus on their products and then on their services which were already doing very well. So, we decided to make it so that the first half of the page was dedicated to the products that the company offered. The second half we dedicated to showcasing the best that the company has to offer in the way of hair care services. We also wanted to keep the colours simple so that the portfolio and other graphics which lead visitors to a sale would be the most effective.

The challenge with Soulful Beauty was making sure that the site was mobile friendly. Since, mobile phones and tablet computers have limited real-estate the design had to make the best use of what was available. We decided to use intelligent design strategies so that the page would automatically resize and show all the important information based on priority. Plus, we had to make sure that the page's design was not compromised since bad graphics can often make a page look unprofessional and this can be a major turnoff for visitors. At the end of the day, we ended up with two slightly different layouts for mobile and desktop platforms. Though the designs look fairly similar their coding would morph based on how much screen real estate was available. After constant testing, the design was ready to go live.

Client's feedback

"We are extremely pleased with the design that you rendered for our service. Everything from the text to the eventual colour and picture selection is great. We are already receiving orders from clients which means that this year we will meet our sales goal."



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