World Wide Somali Students

Summary: Worldwide Somali Students and Professionals was a unique project for us which posed a number of challenges. What we ended up with was a website which is very easy to use and directly communicates the goals of our client.


The Worldwide Somali Students and Professionals organization (WSSP), came to us a couple of months back for a website. They originally felt that the existing design

The Worldwide Somali Students and Professionals organization (WSSP) needed a revamped website. They originally felt that the existing design they were using back then was too cluttered and so wanted something simpler, yet elegant and professional. One of the unique challenges posed by the project was we had to communicate the idea that this was an NGO working for the benefit of young Somalis in terms of design. It also had to make it very easy for people to make donations, find the nearest centre and stay up to date with the latest news.

Our approach

We began with first defining what mattered most to the organization, in terms of colours, layout and functionality. The most important aspect was to ensure that young Somalis found the information they needed on the website without having to navigate too much. So, we opted for a streamlined design for the front page which includes embedded video, the latest news, and other information that visitors to the site would find interesting.

We hand coded the backend to make it easy for the organization's webmasters to update the site with news, videos and other bits of information. This is all the while ensuring that it flowed without looking too cluttered. We also had to ensure that the code and design were simple so that it would easily load across almost every web browser as well as being light enough to cope with the lowest of internet speeds.

Made donations easy

Adding a way for people to donate and join the organization had to be easy too. So, we added bold links on the top fold of the main page. Since many people to the website according to the organization came to either signup or donate these links had to be hard to miss on both mobile and desktops. With a bit of tweaking the eventual design of the icons and links have made it very easy for over a thousand visitors to the site to sign up and donate since its launch.

Feedback from our client

The WSSP, emailed us recently saying "We are very happy with the website design and have had no problems with it. Your prompt response and corporation is highly appreciated."



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